Meet Paulina Vargas 

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I apply design thinking method towards UX strategy and consulting to redefine how companies relate with their clients through refining data, innovation and smart design to creates unique business opportunities. I develop solutions through the use of lean UX process, user research, data analysis and engineering to modernize and optimize experiences for today's competitive tech market.

Since the beginning of the digital age, I have been dedicated to help create better experiences for all. I focus on form and function over appeal and design. My creative efforts are primarily based on usability heuristics and usability research and testing. This unique disciplines in both design and research contribute to my delivery of pleasing experiences in digital products. I have had the pleasure to work with a variety of custom software development projects including: mobile & native application development, websites, Intranets, business intelligence platforms and digital marketing campaigns. My approach to digital strategy comes from in-depth industry and consumer research for small businesses and fortune 500 companies alike.

Specialty Skills: Visual Design | User Research | Usability Testing | Information Architecture | HCI & Biometric Research Testing | Digital Business Strategy | Data Visualization | Predictive Enterprise | Data Analysis


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