Meet Paulina Vargas 

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I apply design thinking method towards UX strategy and consulting to redefine how companies relate with their clients through refining data, innovation and smart design to creates unique business opportunities. I develop solutions through the use of lean UX process, user research, data analysis and engineering to modernize and optimize experiences for today's competitive tech market.

Since the beginning of my career in technology, I have been dedicated to help create better experiences for all. I focus on optimizing the experience across all levels (UI/Product/Interaction/Service) to avoid user disappointment. I entered the UX industry strong in the subdisciplines of research and interface design. Over the past five years I have worked on expanding my skill set to cover more ground and consider the full end to end experience; the perfect cocktail of holism and reductionism. My unique disciplines in design, psychology and research emerged from a sincere dedication to deliver quality with design strategy instead of just beautiful interfaces.

When it come to the practice of UX, I am a generalists, needing to keep an equal eye on both design and research to understand how they wrap around each other as part of a flowing process.

Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure to work with a variety of custom software development projects including: mobile & native application development, websites, Intranets, business intelligence platforms, e-commerce and digital marketing campaigns.

Specialty Skills: Visual Design | User Research | Usability Testing | Information Architecture | HCI & Biometric Research Testing | Digital Business Strategy | Data Visualization | Predictive Enterprise | Data Analysis



Proud To Work With These Brands & Businesses

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A Little About Me…

I am powered by coffee & pastries. Outside of work I enjoy surfing, hiking, and barre/ballet. My sidekick is a dog named Toulouse. I am fascinated by ocean life and space. The product team I admire most and also the app I can’t live without is Spotify.


What People Say About Me…


Matthew Schafman

Paulina is hands down the most resourceful person I know. She thinks about everyone around her and selflessly gives help to anyone that needs it. She is unbelievable around Data and Analytics and has honed in on how UX plays a part in that. I hope she sticks around with us at Neudesic for a very long time!! Major asset to our practice!

  • Senior Director, Ideation & Design Neudesic

Jane Schmitt

“Paulina has done so much for ScriptSave. It has been such a pleasure to work with her (and fun!), She has brought so many wonderful ideas to the WellRx product and was integral to the development of Healthy Baby. I really appreciate how much she went above and beyond in supporting the WellRx vision.

The WellRx app and Website (will eventually) look amazing and that is due to her creativity and understanding of the product. Thank you again for her contributions to the features, design and user experience that have drastically improved WellRx.”

  • Technical Product Manager Script Save, WellRX

Anthony Quiroz

Paulina and I worked together at Ethology where we joined forces on website redesigns for ASU and DIME Bank of Williamsburg. She was organized, knowledgable, self-motivated, and easy to work with. I appreciated her total focus on championing the customer within the process. I'd recommend her to any team that's looking for UX research support.

  • Senior UX Strategist GoDaddy