What Is It Like Working With Paulina?


Jane Schmitt

“Paulina has done so much for ScriptSave. It has been such a pleasure to work with her (and fun!), She has brought so many wonderful ideas to the WellRx product and was integral to the development of Healthy Baby. I really appreciate how much she went above and beyond in supporting the WellRx vision.

The WellRx app and Website (will eventually) look amazing and that is due to her creativity and understanding of the product. Thank you again for her contributions to the features, design and user experience that have drastically improved WellRx.”

  • Technical Product Manager Script Save, WellRX


Matthew Schafman

Paulina is hands down the most resourceful person I know. She thinks about everyone around her and selflessly gives help to anyone that needs it. She is unbelievable around Data and Analytics and has honed in on how UX plays a part in that. I hope she sticks around with us at Neudesic for a very long time!! Major asset to our practice!

  • Senior Director, Ideation & Design Neudesic

Tony Quiroz

Anthony Quiroz

Paulina and I worked together at Ethology where we joined forces on website redesigns for ASU and DIME Bank of Williamsburg. She was organized, knowledgable, self-motivated, and easy to work with. I appreciated her total focus on championing the customer within the process. I'd recommend her to any team that's looking for UX research support.

  • Senior UX Strategist GoDaddy


Matthew Roberts

Paulina did a great job managing our email campaigns and data management systems. She was a pleasure to communicate with and had extensive experience developing engaging graphical content. A pro's pro!

  • Communications, Media & Marketing Professional

    Arizona Secretary of State


Scott Sheaffer

It is with great pleasure that I provide this letter of highest recommendation for Paulina Vargas. Paulina served as our Marketing Specialist at Eye Care for Animals for 2 years. Paulina did not report directly to me, however, in my role as Chief Development Officer I was able to closely observe Paulina and evaluate her work skills. I was impressed by her high standard of work efficiency, reliability, and outstanding organizational skills. Paulina requires minimal supervision and when given a task she completes it without prompting. I learned to trust Paulina in dealing with quality problems, she moves right away to fix problems before they become serious. Paulina is an expert in Marketing. Paulina was able to quickly sort through complex issues and put together an action plan that outlined and addressed our marketing goals. I was especially impressed by her ability to perform all these functions while spending the majority of her day performing various marketing duties including opening new facilities.

Paulina was responsible for creating all digital design including the company web site. She put together all print materials and coordinated a successful logo modernization and roll out project. Paulina is a highly focused employee who can manage competing demands on her time and remain focused on key objectives. In conclusion, Paulina Vargas was an excellent employee. Her degree of professionalism, efficiency and reliability is commendable. Her thorough knowledge of desktop publishing tools including Photo Shop and various web page publishing tools allows her to efficiently serve the needs of the organization and our board of directors. I’m confident that Paulina will be able to quickly contribute to any organization she chooses and is lucky enough to have her.

  • Chief Development Officer, Eye Care for Animals (Pathways)


Megan Maria Dwyer

Paulina is an exceptional talent. With a passion for analytics and a knack for creative, she is a perfect left-right brain pairing that's honestly unusual to find. Paulina is confident and articulate, and she's always her team members' biggest advocate. She approaches situations with patience and warmth, but also with admirable directness. If she identifies a way to bridge a gap or improve a process, usually through a deep dive into data, she isn't afraid to propose not one, but multiple, solutions. Her passion for continuous improvement emanates from her optimistic, yet honest, way of dealing with situations and partners. Any business that Paulina has served throughout her professional journey is truly better off because of her efforts. I have really enjoyed my experience working with Paulina and know she would make an invaluable addition to any team.

  • Marketing & Ecommerce Manager (Fashion/Lifestyle), The Moret Group