About ScriptSave WellRx

ScriptSave offers a free savings card to access reduced pricing on brand name and generic medicines. ScriptSave’s mission is to help users improve and maintain wellness, with not only better access to affordable medications but also a full-featured app experience that demonstrates the connection between everyday activities and good health.

Helping the uninsured and underinsured reduce the high cost of prescription medications, ScriptSave offers a free savings card to access reduced pricing on brand name and generic medicines. The organization is part of the MedImpact, Inc. family of pharmacy benefit management (PBM) companies, and its WellRx mobile app connects users with more than 65,000 pharmacy partners nationwide.


The Challenge

The ScriptSave team recognized that additional features in WellRx could create added value, encouraging users to integrate an ongoing focus on health and wellness into daily life. The initial WellRx app was functional but fell short of the more immersive user experience ScriptSave wanted to deliver, including a more comprehensive medicine chest and food index flexible to the needs of individual users. ScriptSave wanted to create a world-class user experience, grounded in a scalable and maintainable mobile framework.

“We wanted our WellRx mobile app to provide additional features to help users with drug adherence and have the ability to choose the right foods as they shop, alongside access to real-time personal wellness insights applicable to their specific health status,”
— Jane Schmitt, Technical Product Manager, ScriptSave

User Engagement

Provide a more immersive user experience that promotes ongoing health and wellness


Monolithic Application

Update existing WellRx app, based on older technology, to support new functionality the team was seeking


Expanding Features

Employ a DevOps framework to consistently build-out new features to attract users


Brand Differentiation

Differentiate the ScriptSave brand beyond basic pharmacy benefit management through a feature-rich mobile app


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Initial Heuristic Evaluation

Identify usability problems in the existing user interface and user flow to interact with the app’s major features.


Total Number of Heuristic Violations Found | 118

Heuristic Violation by Feature Breakdown

⁃ Home | 28

⁃ Get Discount Card / Create Account | 23

⁃ Manage Account | 12

⁃ Manage Medication ( Medicine Chest ) | 12

⁃ Search Drug | 6

⁃ Find Pharmacy | 9


Persona Research

User research and interviews with real users was a challenge with this project due to concerns about HIPPA compliance and ScriptSave’s dedication to keeping its user’s health information safe and secure. Several elaboration session and interviews where done with the business subject matter experts. I also supplemented research by reaching out to multiple members of the community to and medical professionals to identify users who where willing to share their experience using prescription savings card and applications.

Script Save-WellRX Persona1.jpg
Script Save-WellRX Persona2.jpg

Feature Design & Planning


Improved User Flow Experience

On-boarding User Flow


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Major Feature Wireframes


Information Architecture (App Map Flow)


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Visual Design

WellRX Mobile Application.jpg

“With the new WellRx app, we have increased our app store rating to five stars and reached the top 100 for medical apps organically with a 56% product use. “

– Jane Schmitt, Technical Product Manager, ScriptSave