Mobile App Design

Mobile Design Patterns

Deep understanding of Apple’s human interface design guidelines, Android design and other mobile platform designs, including Google’s material design

Designing for Xamarin Platform Mobile Apps

Experience designing for Xamarin.Native mobile applications. leveraging Xamarin.Platform to create UI specific to each platform allowing for more complex UIs with more intense graphics and interactions. 

UX Research

Research Planning

Experience defining and executing research methods to inform on discovery and ideation. Performed wide variety or research methods including but not limited to field research, surveys, contextual interviews, remote testing, and A-B tests.

Insight Delivery

Translate insights into measurable customer experience outcomes aligned to business goals.

UX Strategy

Design Implementation & Grooming

Break any design problem down into viable actionable chunks and solve them with clarity and precision

Ability Define, prioritize, and elaborate on design features and how they impact a product / user journey or solve a problem.

Business Analysis

Ability to define business needs and process and incorporate into an optimized user experience  

Design Thinking

Experience designing new products as well as improved existing ones through ideation and incorporating design thinking into continuous development.



Collaborate with cross-functional teams throughout the design and development process.

Product Design

Visual Design

Strong visual design skills, with a good understanding of typography, intuitive layouts and palate development.

Expert knowledge of Adobe CS, Sketch, Invision. 10+ years experience applying design principles from concept to final execution.

Design Libraries

Strong visual design skills, with a g

Modern Design

Excellent understanding of user-experience design for mobile, web and native applications. Updated on latest technology trends to deliver modern and clean design

Design Innovation

Continually look for creative ideas and inspiration in other experiences, industries or competitive spaces.

Information Architecture

User Flows

Strong ability to recognize and predict use-cases and user interaction, including happy path, unique cases /exceptions, and incorporate them into designs.


Experience organizing, categorizing and finding commonalities in information to design an architecture in a way that is meaningful and makes sense to a user to navigate and interact with.

Data & Analytics

Data into Insights

Strong analytical skills paired with a data-informed mindset. Ability to understand and explore data to provide more meaning to insights and present data in a more digestible manner.

Data Visualization & Insight Design

Provides insight into complex data sets by communicating their key aspects in more intuitive and meaningful ways.

Collaborate with business stakeholders and analyze user requirements for data to better surface patterns, trends and correlations.

Transform complex /raw sets of information into graphic visualizations and groupings within a dashboards to make data more accessible, understandable and usable to help users retain information and make better-informed decisions


“My primary goal is to provide the highest level of satisfaction and ease of usability to any interaction within a digital product.”
-Paulina Vargas


About UX Consulting

I use my creative intelligence towards UX strategy and consulting, to redefine how companies relate with their users through data exploration, Ideation, and design ops to deliver IT products and services. I develop solutions through the use of lean UX, user research, data analysis and agile to modernize and optimize experiences for today's competitive tech market.